Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sail away purse

I decided when I saw this tutorial that I wanted to make myself a purse. I love making useful things like bags, iPod cases etc and find them easier and quicker to make than clothing so this appealed. I had bought some cute boat fabric from Lincoln a few weeks ago. At the time I thought I would use to make myself a beach bag but I'm not sure what I want the bag to look like so in the time being I decided a cute boat purse would be nice.

I like using the fabric's pattern to my advantage, in this case I wanted a boat on one side of my purse and the beach huts on the other.

The front...

The back...

I found it quite simple to make and the tutorial was easy to follow. I didn't use any interfacing in the end as I forgot to use a tea towel when I ironed the interfacing and as a result it stuck to the iron. Opps. So instead I depended on the strength of the fabric. The only things I would change are the alignment of the zip, and less seam allowance so the card pockets are less tight. The top stitching was tough due to the thickness of the fabric and I had to go really slow. I have plans for another purse!

I am really pleased with my purse :-)

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