Friday, 18 February 2011

Dairy Free Chocolate

One of the things that I miss
the most since giving up dairy products is chocolate :-) Cadburys Dairy Milk was my favourite. I liked it smooth, creamy and cold! Until yesterday I had tried Sainsburys milk chocolate bars, chic orange and choc crisp. All not bad at all but quite sweet, these are in most supermarkets now just in different wrappers. Some larger Sainsburys also sell Celtic chocolates, the milk chocolate truffles being addictive! Asda also sold dark chocolate dairy free selection boxes similar to Cadburys Roses :-) however yesterday on discovering that the town i have started working in has a Waitrose I ventured out to see what delights were on offer there and discovered their Organica Chocolate Couverture Bar. All I can say is it is goooood! I haven't found that I have craved chocolate in the same way I used to with Cadburys but this chocolate bar changes it all!! I managed to munch my way through the entire thing in two days. It's amazing!

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