Saturday, 19 February 2011


I am a sucker for macaroons :-) I found a little shop in London that sold macaroons which tasted better than most of the ones I have tried in Paris! I loved the front of the shop, it was so colourful :-)

I bought a book from Chatsworth shop on how to make them but I found it too complicated. Yesterday I came across this website:

It explains simply how to make them. I tried this recipe yesterday rather than the book from Chatsworth at it proved more successful than my last attempt. I keep over whipping the egg whites and when I add my food dye it separates and looks curdled. The instructions for any macaroon recipe say to leave the egg whites separated for 24 hours before using so I am going to try making them again doing this. I separated my eggs last night... The attempt yesterday ended up cracked, overcooked and and well, just not macaroon quality!

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